Hima & Manthan got Matched!

November 25, 2022


Someone's convenience is someone else's inconvenience. Hence, if you're paying hefty membership fees for online Self-Help matrimonial subscriptions, then this is for you. Yes, you might find it lesser initially for 3 months. However, you keep renewing it repeatedly, and you end up paying more & more and still keep doing things by yourself and yet away from your soulmate. 

Your time, emotions, and efforts matter beyond this.

That's what Hima and Manthan, the newly matched couple, experienced at My Sambandh. Their matchmaking was effortless and flawless, as My Sambandh is equipped and capable of taking over all your inconvenience and worries and shortlisting the right prospects for you.

Hima is a sweet girl who is a civil engineer pursuing an interior designing course, whereas Manthan is a calm boy and a partner in a paper cone factory. 

Let's hear from them further. 

"We're so overwhelmed that the environment was so friendly at the office, and the staff made us feel comfortable; earlier, we were anxious about what kind of prospects we'd be getting connected with and how to ask what to ask. 

But we felt homely, and the staff blended so well with our parents, and they made our matchmaking journey just like a piece of cake. They checked all the parameters before making us meet, including preferences, intellectual, social, physical, educational, etc.  

Definitely, The other online matrimony has more of a robotic approach. At My Sambandh, we found a personal approach where we could share our unique experience, which you can't convey in a single window of the mobile app. 

They had timely follow-ups, a structured agenda, and a process for in-person meetings. There wasn't any compulsion for us to narrow down on the given prospects. They exchanged the information and intention of both families more excellently and gently." 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and we wish you all the best for your future!  

Well, that's how Manthan and Hima met; Hima found Manthan very polite and realistic, and Manthan complimented her approachability as she was receptive to her. That's what made Manthan open up to her.  

At My Sambandh, we always recommend prospects be open-minded and non-judgemental; let the reality play around. As reality is more beautiful than pretension.  

Now sign up with My Sambandh for as low as Rs.11000 for half a year and get priority access and a relationship manager. Shadi Mubarak!  

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