Best Friends for Life, Husband & Wife!

August 13, 2022


You might have a group of friends or even close friends, but your spouse is your best friend, who has been with you through all the ups & downs. Although its easier said than done. But we've seen the couples at My Sambandh, who has a bond just like good friends; they're so excited to meet each other back at home after the hectic job and take a quick tea break to share their day before proceeding with dinner preparation.

We shared some tips that might help some quality time in your married life.

Time: Spend quality time together.

Communication: Talk and share about everyday life.

Trust: Be honest and loyal.

Interests: Find common interests. Have fun with one another. Laugh together, Make lasting memories and try new things together.

Goals: Set and work towards life goals with one another. Dream together.

Priority: Make your spouse feel like a top priority. Respect each other and Treat one another equally. Cheer on each other's successes, Lean on one another in times of need, Appreciate your spouse, Be considerate of each other, Be forgiving of one another-don't hold grudges.

Knowing your spouse is key to becoming or remaining best friends with your partner. Playing "get to know you" or "self trivia" games can be a helpful and fun exercise. Quiz one another on details such as; the name of your elementary school, your blood type, a favorite song, or your biggest turn-on. Make the prize something like: who does household chores, foot or back massages, or the winner gets to pick the next movie or restaurant.

Physical intimacy may fade in a marriage, but emotional intimacy needn't. True friendship lasts a lifetime. Let's aim for a lifetime. ?

Once again, a very happy friendship day from the team of My Sambandh.

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