5 Myths about Marriage prevailing in Gen Y & Z.

October 06, 2023


Indian culture places a high importance on the institution of marriage. However, over time some myths have developed around what marriage entails. As we seek to modernize while still honouring tradition, it's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to marriage.

Here comes My Sambandh to bust the myths about marriage and give you a new perspective about finding the right one because we have believed in second chances since 1995 and with a collection of profiles of beautiful human beings you might find your right one too!

Here are 5 common myths busted:

Myth 1: Marriage is only for having children and their freedom might go and they would be burdened with added responsibilities but that is not the case because having children is seen as a blessing, marriage itself is about building a life partnership through mutual care, respect, and companionship. Both partners bring value to each other's lives beyond just procreation.

Myth 2: Marriage entails shot term excitement but long-term headache. In reality, marriages can succeed or fail based on the effort each partner puts in. As they say, love is blind. Many times, pivotal aspects are overlooked. This is where My Sambandh, as cupid, plays its part and helps you find your soulmate. Moreover, communication, compromise, and prioritizing the relationship are key to long-lasting unions of any kind. Even all your saddening thoughts might disappear because, at the end of the day, you will always have a person to talk to.

Myth 3: The woman must adjust to the man's family. A successful marriage views both partners as equals bringing their own identities into a new family unit. Both sides need to respect each other's individuality and find a balance that works for their dynamic. Then it is shared responsibilities because it isn't about nagging but about caring.

Myth 4: Losing your individuality. Staying in a marriage we must give our partners time and space; you will always find a partner who will love and respect who you are and now you will have a life partner whom you can share your life experience with. Earlier, what you enjoyed as a single, can now be rejoiced being together, like for example, your partner being by your side during the festive season and enjoying all festivities together! With the right one, the β€˜Me Time could be converted into We Time.’

Myth 5: Marriage changes your life completely. It's a new phase but your core identity remains. Marriage enhances life by finding a like-minded partner to experience personal growth and life's ups and downs together.

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