5 important things to make your meetings memorable.

May 14, 2022


Hi Fellas, This scorching sun, burning skin and a merciless summer can still be memorable with a cold coffee in an air-conditioned cafe, where your dream soulmate is sitting in front of you. Yes.. We want you to continue feeling the same; it just 5 below important tips to enhance those moments.

1. Be an engaged Listener: We like the company of the people who listen to us with all their ears, and we open our hearts out to them. Be that kind of person, and gradually, you shall also feel comfortable and shall have a lot to talk on common grounds once you know the person better.

2. Keep a smile on your face: Keep a gentle smile on your face, making you look calm, composed and approachable.

3. Use their name in the conversation: The most important thing is that you keep uttering the person's name in the middle of the conversation. It gives the feeling of acceptance and personalization. It also serves as a good ice-breaker.

4. Be Honest, Light-hearted and unusual: Live the moment, Be honest, open-hearted and enjoy it. Spontaneity has its fun.

Use Confident Body Language: Sit straight with your straight shoulder. Be confident naturally across the meeting.

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